Waste pickers under threat. New waste management policies undermine the informal recycling sector in the Global South


On the occasion of the Global Waste Picker Day (March 1st), the Barcelona Research Group on Informal Recyclers - in collaboration with EnvJustice , the Global Alliance of Waste Pickers and WIEGO - releases a thematic map of so cio-environmental conflicts in the Global South related to informal recyclers , whose livelihoods are put at greater risk due to a global policy shift towards waste management privatization that limits their access to recyclables.

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Hazardous e-waste recycling in Agbogbloshie, Accra, Ghana 

Aruwakkalu landfill, Puttalam, Sri Lanka 

Beirut incinerators expansion plans and wastepickers struggle, Lebanon 

Aurá dump and the struggle of Belém's informal wastepickers, Pará, Brazil 

Ban on animal-drawn carts in Berazategui, Argentina 

Ban on animal-drawn carts jeopardizes wastepickers’ livelihoods in Montevideo, Uruguay 

Bantar Gebang Jakarta landfill, Indonesia 

Bisasar Rd Landfill Site, South Africa 

Zabbaleen against corporate waste-management in El Cairo, Egypt 

CEAMSE y gestión de los residuos en Buenos Aires, Argentina 

City hall hampers the activities of waste pickers' cooperatives in São Paulo, Brazil 

Bogota wastepickers’ inclusive labor conditions put at risk by change in policies, Colombia 

Contaminación por el Botadero K´ara K´ara, Bolivia 

Contaminación por relleno sanitario en comunidad de Puerto Rico, Nueva Loja, Ecuador 

Costa Brava Landfill, Lebanon 

Dandora Landfill in Nairobi, Kenya 

Dhour Shweir Incinerator, Lebanon 

La Chureca dumpsite enclosure, Managua, Nicaragua 

Jiaozishan landfill site and incineration plant near Doucun Village in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China  

Dumpsite pollution and waste pickers struggle in Siem Reap, Cambodia 

Economic woes, plastic packaging and children wastepickers in Tehran's “Dirt Gold Mafia”, Iran 

El vertedero de Cambalache en Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela 

Energy Answers Incinerator Poisoning Main Agricultural Region, Puerto Rico 

Georgetown's garbage woes and small attempts to include waste pickers, Guyana 

Guiyu National Circular Economy Industrial Park, Guangdong, China 

Hazardous garbage dumping and new waste-to-energy projects in Colombo, Sri Lanka 

Health impact of substandard living conditions on Roma in a settlement separated by wall, Sliven, Bulgaria  

Illegal landfill near Qalqilyah, between the towns of Jayus and Azun, Palestine 

Incineration and hazardous informal recycling in Hanoi, Vietnam 

Incinerator Construction and Landfill Closures in Qalyubia, Egypt 

Incinerator of urban solid waste in Barueri, São Paulo, Brazil 

Precarious conditions of informal recyclers at the 'City of Flies', Antananarivo, Madagascar 

Jamsher solid waste treatment plant in Jalandhar, Punjab, India 

Koshe Landfill and biogas plant, Ethiopia 

Waste pickers of Mbeubeuss landfill fight against exclusion, Dakar, Senegal 

Okhla waste to energy plant, Delhi, India 

Pata Rat landfill, Cluj Napoca, Romania 

Waste-to-energy incineration plant by Veolia in Mexico City, Mexico 

Waste collection dispute in Bamako, Mali 

Prohibition of animal and human drawn vehicles in Porto Alegre, Brazil 

Proposed Incinerator at Dandora Landfill in Nairobi, Kenya 

Protesters in Quezon City, resist planned incinerators despite national ban, Philippines 

Protests in Bandung against plan for multiple incinerators, Indonesia 

Relleno sanitario (Landfill), El Carrasco, Bucaramanga, Colombia 

River pollution and waste pickers' struggle for recognition, Kathmandu, Nepal 

Stung Meanchey landfill and waste pickers struggle in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

City of Buenos Aires installs ‘anti-poor’ waste containers against wastepickers’ rights, Argentina 

The Cleaner Lagos Initiative Threatens Wastepicker Livelihoods, Nigeria 

The New Reppie Incinerator at Koshe Landfill in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Leaves the Wastepickers Without Livelihood 

Trafigura's toxic waste scandal and the closure of Akouédo dump, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire 

Violence Against Wastepickers Linked to the Genesis Landfill Privatization by Averda in Johannesburg, South Africa 

Amin Bazar landfill threatens wetlands and farmers, Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Waste incineration in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil 

Waste management at Uruli Devachi in Pune, MH, India 

Waste pickers face insecurity and toxic conditions at Guate's Zona 3 dumpsite, Guatemala 

Waste pickers fight exclusion at Santiago's “Eco-Park Rafey”, Dominican Republic 

Waste pickers fight for formalization and the right to work in Mérida, Mexico 

Waste pickers of Kpone landfill fight for recognition and formal inclusion, Accra, Ghana 

Waste Pickers in Cape Coast Face Repressive Treatment and Unsafe Working Conditions, Ghana 

Pikitup’s Separation at Source Program and Waste Pickers' protests in Johannesburg, South Africa 

Waste pickers in Lusaka struggle for access to waste, Zambia 

Waste pickers of Nakuru face harassment, exclusion and toxic conditions, Kenya 

Msunduzi New England Road Landfill and Construction of a Materials Recovery Facility, South Africa 

Waste pickers risk losing their livelihood as Ulaanbaatar modernizes landfills, Mongolia 

Waste-to-Energy and Ghazipur landfill closure threaten livelihoods of informal recyclers, Delhi, India 

Precarious informal waste recycling in Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Marginalized informal recycling and the start of waste-to-energy in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan 

Wastepicker mobilization against incinerator in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil 

Wastepicker struggles and water contamination in Jardim Gramacho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Wastepickers against pollution and public policy in Federal District, Brazil 

Wastepickers against privatization in the City of Tshwane, South Africa  

Wastepickers and residents of Sarzedo struggle against incinerators, Minas Gerais, Brazil 

International cooperation improves wastepickers' conditions, North-Eastern Jordan 

Wastepickers fight against incinerator in the city of Mauá, São Paulo, Brazil 

Ankara wastepickers struggle to be formally incorporated into the legal waste collecting framework, Turkey 

Hulene Dump Site and waste-pickers protests, Mozambique 

Wastepickers (such as the Barbechas) struggle forth in post-revolution Tunisia 

Wastepickers lose access to recyclable waste due to closure of a landfill, Panama 

Wastepickers mobilization against the carbonization of solid waste, Rondônia, Brazil 

Uncontrolled dumping and the organizing of women waste pickers, Cotonou, Benin 

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