Blockadia: Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground!


A Map of Resistance against Fossil Fuels for Climate Justice

Whilst global leaders have been discussing climate action for decades, the fossil fuel industry has been allowed to continue to compromise the livelihoods and environments in localities as well as contributing to the unprecedented and increasingly catastrophic changes we are seeing in our global climate. On every continent there is an increasing frequency and intensity of resistance movements against fossil fuel projects. These interwoven spaces of resistance are Blockadia. Originating from movements such as the Ogoni People against Shell in the Niger Delta since the 1990s and the Yasuni initiative in Ecuador to leave the oil in the soil, local people and activists are demanding we keep fossil fuels in the ground. Today there are diverse and widespread resistances such as the Ende Gelände mass civil disobedience in Germany; the indigenous-led Standing Rock camp against the Dakota Access Pipeline; the movement in Kenya to “deCOALanize”; and, amongst many others, the campaigns #BreakFree and #SaveTheArctic. 

Naomi Klein popularized the term Blockadia in the book "This Changes Everything" describing the “roving transnational conflict zone [...] where ‘regular’ people are stepping in where our leaders are failing” along the whole fossil fuel chain, from extraction to transportation to combustion. These struggles are not only against the local impacts of such projects, but also against their impacts on the climate. What the Blockadia Map aims to do is bring together incidences of Blockadia-style resistances against fossil fuels along the whole chain. Included in the Blockadia Map are cases from the Environmental Justice Atlas which involve people defending their land, livelihoods and climate from fossil fuel projects, through direct action such as blockades, occupations and street protests. By bringing together inspiring case studies, the diversity of the movements can be celebrated whilst the connectivity between them can be strengthened and the real ‘glocal’ threats of fossil fuel extractivism can be better understood. The local causes of resistance vary case by case, but many include the violation of human rights, contamination of water, land dispossession, loss of livelihoods, poor working conditions, biodiversity loss, cultural loss, severe health impacts and inadequate compensation. The Blockadia Map serves as a tool for activists to unite their struggles and build a stronger movement against the multitude of injustices presented by fossil fuel projects. When we come together in acts of defiance, our struggles become part of a bigger movement. Just as these resistances are real spaces where people and causes are connected, the Blockadia Map is a space for movement-building and international solidarity. 

Besides getting an overview of all the different kinds of resistances and direct action all over the world, the Blockadia Map also highlight the spatial mal-distribution of climate change sources and its impacts. Explore the Blockadia Map with the extra features of 'Fossil Fuels Extraction pr. Capita', 'Climate Change Vulnerability' and 'CO2 Emissions pr. Capita', click on the vectors to get additional data on each country.

The Blockadia Map is an ongoing project, and the team welcomes new cases. Get in touch at [email protected].

The Blockadia team is co-ordinated by Alice Owen and Daria Rivin, Student Researchers at Lund University/ICTA-UAB, and Ende Gelände activists. The research team also consists of Andrea Cardoso of  Universidad del Magdalena, Colombia, and Brototi Roy and Daniela del Bene, PhD candidates at the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The Blockadia Map is part of the EnvJustice Project  

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Achuar and Shuar against oil extraction, Ecuador 
Resistance: As a result of the Archuar and Shuar indigenous strong opposition, the block 24 was declared under state of emergency in 2001. In 2008, all the concessions (blocks 7, 21, 23, 24) from the oil company Burlington were expropriated by the Ecuadorian government.
Start Date: 1998
EJO's: Accion Ecologica, Pachamama, CDES, Amazonwatch (US), Friends of the Earth (US), CEOLS- Central Ecuatoriana de Organizaciones Sindicales Libres.
Companies: Arco Oriente Inc., Burlington Resources Ecuador Limited

Anti-fracking uprising in Ain Salah, Algeria 
Resistance: Over 40,000 people including students, women and the unemployed took part in protests and occupations against fracking. Some lasted over 5 months despite brutal repression. They called for energy democracy rather than groundwater contmination and corrupt politics.
Start Date: 01/01/2015
Companies: Sonatrach , Total, Halliburton, Algeria’s National Oil Corporation, British Petroleum

Atlantic Coast Natural Gas Pipeline. Virginia, USA  
Resistance: Local grassroots coalitions protested the new pipeline by blockading the offices of the energy company, and landowners attempted to block surveyors from entering their property. They were concerned about oil spills and accidents as well as the climate, and called to "Put People Over Pipelines".
Start Date: 02/01/2015
EJO's: Richmond Resistance Free Nelson
Companies: Dominion Energy, Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas

Batang coal fired power plant, Central Java, Indonesia 
Resistance: The construction delayed due to four years of community protest and opposition to the project’s development. In May 2016 about 3,500 people staged a protest in the capital. Organized by environmental groups, the protest began in front of the Japanese Embassy, where the participants demanded that Japan drop the 2,000-megawatt project, before marching to the presidential palace. Greenpeace Indonesia said the power plant will pump 10.8 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere a year, as well as air pollutants including neurotoxins such as mercury that could bring deadly consequences to Indonesia's environmental and human health. Despite these serious impacts, opposition is repressed and some demonstrators have been jailed.
Start Date: 2011
EJO's: Greenpeace Indonesia Lembaga Bantuan Hukum (LBH) Semarang, a legal aid organization Friends of the Earth Japan
Companies: PT Bhimasena Power Indonesia, J-Power , Itochu Corporation, Adaro Power

Belcoo Community Fracking Blockade, Northern Ireland, UK 
Resistance: Ireland is not for Shale! Keep the frogs in and the frackers out! Belcoo campaigners oppose fracking exploration activities and government stops company's exploration activities.
Start Date: 01/03/2014
EJO's: Fermanagh Fracking Awareness Network (FFAN) Love Leitrim Belcoo Frack Free
Companies: Tamboran Resources

Offshore Oil drilling, Belize  
Resistance: An official “People’s Referendum” took place on the 29th Feb 2012, in which 90% of the Belizeans voted against offshore exploration and drilling. In 2013, Belize’s Supreme Court declared offshore drilling contracts issued by the Government of Belize in 2004 and 2007 invalid, because no Environmental Impact Assessment had been carried out. However, in 2015, the government of Belize reconsidered initiating offshore drilling although up to 2017 no new concession has been granted yet.
Start Date: 2011
EJO's: OCEANA, The Belize Coalition to Save Our National Heritage, Liberty and Action, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action (COLA),
Companies: Prince Petroleum

Port of Newcastle and Break Free 2016 blockade, Australia 
Resistance: On May 8th 2016, anti-coal activists gathered at the port and Sandgate Bridge railway line as part of the global “Break Free from Fossil Fuels” actions, #BreakFree16. 1,500 activists gathered in Newcastle and hundreds kayaked into the shipping channel to block coal ships from entering and leaving the harbour; while around 70 protesters at Sandgate Bridge blocked a coal train in a day of civil disobedience.
Start Date: 08/05/2016
EJO's: - Breakfree 2016, - Greenpeace, - - First Nations peoples - Climate Angels, - The Greens political party, - Climate Action Network, - Friends of the Earth,
Companies: Port of Newcastle

Fracking in California, USA 
Resistance: 8000 people marched for real climate leadership to avoid "climate chaos", in the biggest mobilisation against fracking in US history.
Start Date: 01/01/2011
EJO's: Environment California: Clean Water Action, Sierra Club, California against Fracking: Courage Campaign: Daily Kos: Food and Water Watch: Presente: Forecast the Facts:
Companies: Western States Petroleum Asociation

Cape Boujdour (Offshore Block) oil and gas exploration, Western Sahara 
Resistance: For the marginalised Saharawi people in Western Sahara, offshore drillng compromises their right to self-determination. To engage in street protests has become more and more dangerous, with arrests and police brutality.
Start Date: 01/01/2002
EJO's: Western Sahara Resource Watch (WSRW): Sahrawi Center for Media and Communication (SCMC)
Companies: Kosmos Energy, Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines, Cairn Energy

Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project, Queensland, Australia 
Resistance: Strong opposition to the largest coalmine project in Australia, from environmental groups and indigenous Wangan and Jagalingou People on the basis of climate change and impacts on the local and regional environment.
Start Date: 22/10/2010
EJO's: - Environmental Defenders Office QLD, - Land Services of Coast and Country Inc (LSCC) - Mackay Conservation Group, - Australian Conservation Foundation, - Greenpeace,
Companies: Adani Mining Pvt Ltd

Castilla Thermal Power Station, Chile 
Resistance: After several social mobilizations and the use of legal avenues, the project of the higher coal power plant in South America was stopped by the Supreme Court. This case is emblematic for several reasons, as the ruling prioritised the precautionary principle, making a decision before damage could be caused by the industry, and deciding for the first time in favour of the constitutional right to live in an environment free of pollution.
Start Date: 12/2008
EJO's: Observatorio Latinoamericano de Conflictos Ambientales (OLCA), Junta de Vecinos de Totoral, Mesa Social Contra Termoelectrica Castilla, Comunidad Agrícola Totoral, Confederación Nacional de Pescadores Artesanales (CONAPACH), Asociación Regional de Municipios (ARMA), Unión Vecinal de Copiapó, Movimiento Pro Defensa de las Costas de Atacama, Federación de Estudiantes Universitarios, Oceana
Companies: Brazilian-germany joint venture, Chilean subsidiaries, For the thermal power station - CGX Castilla Generación S.A., For the maritime port - OMX Operaciones Maritimas Ltda.

Castor Project Gas off-shore storage in Vinaròs, Spain 
Resistance: To secure gas provision to Europe, Spain is becoming the gate of natural gaz from Northern Africa. Megaprojects, financiarization of infrastructure, energy oligopoly, environmental impacts and impunity for the damages created are some of the ingredients of this gaz storage facility. Since February 2010, the Plataforma en Defensa de les Terres del Sénia denounced before the EC the Castor project because no Environmental Impact Assessment had been made to assess the environmental implications of the project. Other groups in Spain joint the platform in denouncing the plant and in working for a different energy model.
Start Date: 2007
EJO's: Plataforma en Defensa de les Terres del Sénia, Ecologistas en acción
Companies: Castor Limited Partnership, Dundee Energy Limited, Grupo ACS

Chevron-Texaco oil extraction and legal case, Ecuador 
Resistance: Over 60 billion liters of toxic waste and 650,000 barrels of oil spilled in the Amazon forest; the company facing international trial and EJOs advocating for "Leave Oil in the Soil" and for abandoning extractivism
Start Date: 1993
EJO's: Accion Ecologica - Ecuador, Amazon Watch - USA, Amnesty International, Oxfam America, UNICEF, EDF - USA, Amazon Defense Coalition (FDA) Ecuador, Assembly of people affected by the Texaco case - Ecuador, Rainforest Action Network, Centro Ecuatoriano de Derecho Ambiental, Frente de Defensa de la Amazonia - Amazon Defense Coalition, Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power, Permanent Peoples Tribunal
Companies: Texaco Petroleum Co., Chevron Corporation, Petroecuador

Movement against imported coal plants, Greece 
Resistance: Plans of private and public private companies for new coal plants in Greece have been abandoned thanks to citizens' mobilization and strong advocacy for alternative sources of energy and power saving measures.
Start Date: 01/08/2007
EJO's: Citizens against coal founding movements: "In Action", Almyros’ voluntary environmental group; Evia’s active citizens; "Intervention", Aliveri’s union of citizens Tamynaion; Evros ecological association; Municipality of Kireos association for culture and environment; Panaitoloakarnaniko front for the environment; Magnesia’s environmental initiative; Aliveri’s association for the protection of the environment; Voiotia’s alignment for the environment; Kavala’s coordination struggle committee. Collectives that joined the initiative: Thessaloniki’s initiative group; Larissa’s Citizens in Action; Attica’s citizens energy group; Initiative for the protection of Corinthiakos gulf; Thessaloniki citizens' initiative against coal Greenpeace; Coalition against coal (Municipalities and Communities of Almyros, Antikyra, Astakos, Distomo, Kavala, Larymna, Kyriaki, Mantoudi, WWF Hellas); left political parties; Association of Prefectures of Greece; Association of Greek Chemists; MEPs; municipal parties;
Companies: GEK TERNA Group , MYTILINEOS Group , EDISON International , HELLENIC PETROLEUM SA , RWE , Public Power Corporation SA Hellas

Coal fired power plants, Batangas, Philippines 
Resistance: The anti-coal march of 2016 highlighted a national campaign called “Piglas Batangas! Piglas Pilipinas!” symbolized by the struggle against the proposed 600-megawatt coal plant of JG Summit Holdings in Barangay (Village) Pinamucan Ibaba, Batangas City. The opposition to the plan is led by the Lipa Archdiocesan Ministry on Environment, local fisherfolk, and other concerned citizens.
Start Date: 2015
EJO's: Catholic Church (Archdiocesan Ministry on Environment (AMEN) Greenpeace Philippine Movement for Climate Justice Health Care Without Harm
Companies: JG Summit Holdings Inc

Resistance to coal stockpiling leads to Gloria Capitan's murder, Bataan, Philippines 
Resistance: In a country where the majority of coal projects are owned by big businesses and influencial people who have connections in the government, protesters and local defenders face violence and even death for standing up for climate justice, as was the case for Gloria Capitan, the 57 year old activist, and one of the leaders of the Coal-Free Bataan Movement.
Start Date: 2015
EJO's: - United Citizens of Lucanin Association (Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Mamamayan ng Lucanin) - Coal-Free Bataan Movement - Philippines Movement for Climate Justice - Center for Energy, Ecology, and Development (CEED) - Archdiocesan Movement for the Environment (AMEn) - Kilusan Para sa Pambansang Demokrasya (KILUSAN) -Greenpeace
Companies: Sea Front Shipyard Services, Inc., Aboitiz Power Corp

Coal Power Plant in Lamu, Kenya 
Resistance: The community group "Save Lamu" and their international supporters have been mobilising against the opening of a new coal power plant, which still remains to be constructed. The Lamu case has also become part of the growing nationwide "deCOALanize Kenya" movement.
Start Date: 2015
EJO's: Save Lamu Muhuri Sierra Club UNESCO World Heritage
Companies: Amu Power, Centum Investment Group, Gulf Energy Ltd, Power Construction Corporation of China (PowerChina)

Native American´s Sioux against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), USA 
Resistance: 10,000 people joined the camp at Standing Rock to defend the ancestral land of the Sioux from the Dakota Access Pipeline. Supporters were diverse, including US Army veterans and Indigenous groups historically enemies of the Sioux Nation as well as environmental activists. Around the world activists also held street demonstrations and actions in solidarity with Standing Rock, calling to"Honor the Treaties", "Defend the Sacred" and recognise "Mni Wiconi, Water is Life" alongside the climatic implications of fossil fuels.
Start Date: 06/2016
EJO's: EJOS: Great Sioux Nation, Supporters: National Congress of American Indians, Greenpeace; Science & Environmental Health Network; Sierra Club; Black Lives Matter (BLM),
Companies: Energy Transfer Crude Oil Company, Dakota Access, LLC, Phillips 66, Enbridge Energy Partners LP (EEP), Marathon Petroleum Corporation

Elsipogtog First Nation v. Fracking, NB, Canada 
Resistance: Part of the wave of "Idle No More" Indigenous activism, members of Elsipogtog First Nation and other activists held a three month blockade near a highway junction to symbolise a new boundary for fracking.
EJO's: Mikmaq nation, Idle No More, The Kahnawake Warrior Society, Miqmaq Warrior Society, Council of Canadians, Conservation Council of New Brunswick
Companies: Southwestern Energy Resources

Enstedsværket in Aabenraa, Denmark 
Resistance: Activists occupy coal harbor for 30 hours two years in a row: creating awareness about the fossil fuel industry both locally and globally, fighting for “System Change, Not Climate Change”.
Start Date: 26/06/2016
EJO's: KlimaKollektivet (Climate Collective):
Companies: NUON, Dong Energy

Exploracion Hidrocarburos en San Andres Islas, Colombia 
Resistance: Acción popular frena el proyecto de extracción de petróleo en la Reserva de la Biósfera Seaflower. Triunfo de la protección de los derechos colectivos, a la solidaridad intergeneracional y a la riqueza natural y cultural.
Start Date: 2010
EJO's: Fundación Providence, Comision Intereclesial de Justicia y Paz, CENSAT AGUA VIVA, RED COLOMBIANA FRENTE A LA GRAN MINERIA TRANSNACIONAL (RECLAME)
Companies: Empresa Colombiana de Petróleos, Repsol, Chevron Corporation

Exploración petrolera en Pozo exploratorio Lorito 1, río Humadea en Meta, Colombia 
Resistance: El sofocante calor, las lluvias y las noches de frío no fueron problema durante los 150 días del plantón de líderes la comunidad para impedir la exploración de petróleo en el pozo Lorito 1, en área rural de Guamal (2013)
Start Date: 13/01/2011
EJO's: Corpohumadea , CENSAT Agua Viva, Humanidad Vigente.
Companies: Ecopetrol Corporate Group

Exploratory fracking in Balcombe, UK 
Resistance: "Frack Off!": After immense social pressure and direct action against fracking, the energy company, Cuadrilla withdrew their application to extend drilling and horizontal well testing at a site near Balcombe in England.
Start Date: 2011
EJO's: No Fracking in Balcombe Society, No Dash for Gas, Frack off, Disabled people against the cuts, Fuel Poverty Action, Sussex Extreme Energy Resistance, Gasfield Free Sussex, Lewes Against Fracking, Ribble Estuary Against Fracking
Companies: Cuadrilla

Explotación petrolera en Casanare, Colombia 
Resistance: Las organizaciones sociales y la comunidad de Casanare denuncian que la explotación de petróleo y el cambio climático son los causantes de la dura sequía que ha acabado con alrededor de 20.000 animales.
Start Date: 04/2010
EJO's: Comunidades y Organizaciones Sociales de Casanare Lirios y Monterralo y San Luis de Palenque, Corporación Social Para la Asesoría y Capacitación Comunitaria (COSPACC), Asociación Nacional de Jóvenes y Estudiantes de Colombia (ANJECO- Seccional Boyacá Casanare), Asociación Casanareña de Jóvenes y Estudiantes (AJOCARE), Movimiento Juvenil y Popular QUINUA, Colectivos Praxis Insumisa, Asociación Nacional Campesina "José Antonio Galán Zorro"- ASONALCA Seccional Boyacá Casanare, Observatorio de Derechos Humanos y Violencia Política de Boyacá y Casanare, Corporación Claretiana Norman Pérez Bello “Al servicio de la vida”, Organización Regional Indígena de Casanare ORIC, CENSAT Agua Viva
Companies: Canacol Energy , Lewis Energy Colombia Inc., Pacific Rubiales Energy, Perenco, Parex Resources, Alange Energy

Ffos-y-fran opencast coal mine, South Wales, United Kingdom 
Resistance: Over 300 protesters entered UK’s biggest opencast coal mine, Ffos-y-Fran to temporarily halt operations. The activists demand to Reclaim the Power, End Coal Now and transition away from fossil fuels by “leaving the coal in the hole”!
Start Date: 01/07/2003
EJO's: Reclaim the Power: United Valleys Action Group: Friends of the Earth Cymru:
Companies: Miller Argent

Fracking in the Parana Basin, Brazil 
Resistance: In an unprecedented decision, state congress in Paraná, Brazil, bans fracking operations
Start Date: 03/06/2014
EJO's: Coletivo Cascavel Livre de Fracking (Cascavel Free From Fracking Collective) - opposition group made up of local residents.
Companies: Paraná Gás Exploração e Produção, Companhia Paranaense de Energia, Bayar Empreendimentos e Participações Ltda, Petra Energia, Tucumann Engenharia e Empreendimentos

No Fracking in the Guaraní Aquifer in Uruguay 
Resistance: In 2014, organized citizens detained four trucks carrying equipment for the 2D seismic survey in the Piedra Sola and Salto concessions. The local police purportedly attacked them and some were arrested. Despite this, organized groups denounced the usage of dangerous chemicals by Petrel-Schuepbach and accused Uruguay’s environmental bureau (DINAMA) of authorizing drilling activities without conducting adequate hearing procedures. Thanks to citizens raising their concerns, so far, both local and national awareness brought up by these groups has sparkled a chain of bans on fracking by local municipalities in the Argentinian side of the border. The Entre Ríos province has also sanctioned a Law prohibiting unconventional exploitation of oil and gas. The Uruguayan government has also agreed to a moratorium on fracking, albeit activists aren’t willing to accept anything less than a ban on the procedure.
Start Date: 2012
EJO's: Coordinadora Ambiental Todas las Manos, COESUS Latinoamericana contra el Fracking, Foro Regional Contra el Fracking, Asociación Civil Ambientalista de Salto, Asamblea Ciudadana de Concordia, Asamblea Popular Ambiental Colón-Ruta 135, Foro Waj Mapu de Chajarí, Grupo Gensa de Paysandú, Paysandú Libre de Fracking, Paysandú Nuestro, Tacuarembó Por el Medio Ambiente, Argentina, América Latina, Rivera por la Vida Sustentable y el Agua, Uruguay Libre de Megaminería, Asociación Civil “Salteños en defensa de los bienes naturales”.
Companies: Schuepbach Energy Uruguay , Petrel Energy, Schlumberger

Fuleni blockade and leave the coal in the hole campaign, South Africa 
Resistance: Angry but well-behaved, over 1000 Fuleni residents made a road blockade to stop vehicles entering the proposed coal mine on the edge of the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi wilderness reserve. These people are already feeling the effects of climate change, and fear the death and suffering experienced by nearby mining-affected communities
Start Date: 01/01/2014
EJO's: MCEJO - Mfolozi Community Environmental Justice Organisation CCS (University of Durban) The Wilderness Foundation, The Global Environmental Trust, The Wilderness Action Group, The African Conservation Trust, The Magqubu Ntombela Foundation, the Game Rangers Association of Africa, the South African Trust for Protected Areas, Project Rhino KZN, the Makhado Action Group, Mining Affected Communities United in Action. The list is growing. International supporters include The Gaia Foundation, WILD – USA, the Wilderness Specialist Group of IUCNI, SFO/USA, the World Wilderness Congress
Companies: Ibutho Coal

Gas Pipelines Urucu-Coari-Manaus & Urucu-Porto Velho - Petrobras, Brazil 
Resistance: New Pipelines Threaten Intact Amazon Rainforests in Brazil. The 670km long pipeline between Urucu and Manaus fuels the industrialization of the Amazon and its transformation into a field for fossil fuels drilling, while the pipeline from Urucu to Porto Velho pushes further the rainforest frontier.
Start Date: 2002
EJO's: Amigos da Terra: Brasil, CPT (Comisso Pastoral da Terra): Brasil, Indigenous Organisations of the Alto Madeira Communities, Amazon Watch, Pastoral Land Commission (CPT) - Brazil
Companies: Petróleo Brasileiro S.A, Transpetro , Transportadora Urucu-Manaus, El Paso Energy International , Skanska, Termogas

Comunidad Wayuu, Guajira, resistiendo la desviación del Arroyo Bruno por la empresa El Cerrejón, Colombia  
Resistance: ¡Paremos la Mina! Las comunidades indígenas Wayúu, afro y campesinas de La Guajira en Colombia hacen un llamado URGENTE a la comunidad nacional e internacional para FRENAR EL PLAN DE EXPANSIÓN MINERA DE EL CERREJÓN, una de las minas de carbón a cielo abierto más grandes del mundo.
Start Date: 2011
Companies: Glencore , BPH Billiton, Anglo American

Opposition to oil&gas exploitation, New Zealand 
Resistance: Workers and environmentalists ally to oppose prospections and deep shore drilling by oil giants Chevron, Statoil and Shell. They reject use of national resources for private profits.
Start Date: 0000
EJO's: Members of the Maritime Union of New Zealand (MUNZ) ; International Transport Workers Federation (ITF); Greenpeace
Companies: Statoil, Chevron Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell

Hainan residents against construction of coal-fired power plant, China 
Resistance: After the approval of the plant, around 10,000 residents of the Chinese Hainan province organized a protest in Ledong county against the construction of the coal-fired power plant. They arrived for the opening event held to kickstart the construction work of the plant on 12 March 2012 and also closed their local shops and businesses to protest the construction. Protests lasted several days. Local residents were concerned that the potential sea pollution caused by such a plant could affect their fishing stocks and farmland. Clashes occurred between riot police and protesters.The Hong Kong-based human rights group, Information Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, stated that 50 people had been arrested and almost 100 injured during the protests.
Start Date: 01/11/2011
EJO's: Information Center for Human Rights & Democracy (Hong-Kong based):
Companies: China Power Investment Corporation (CPI)

Huaneng Haimen coal-fired power station, China 
Resistance: In Dec 2011, when plans were announced to expand the coal-fired Huaneng Haimen power station situated in Haimen, thousands of protesters blocked a freeway and tried to occupy government offices and block an expressway in an attempt to block the project and halt the expansion. They were met with tear gas while an unconfirmed number of protesters were also detained by the police. In a reaction to the uprising, local officials offered the protesters to temporarily suspend the proposed expansion of the Huaneng Haimen power station, but demonstrators continued their efforts to demand that expansion plans should be scrapped altogether. Tensions finally cooled before Christmas 2011, when the plant expansion plans were indeed temporarily suspended by national Party officials and authorities agreed to release protesters detained during the clashes. In 2014, protests re-emerged and twelve people were arrested for blocking a road leading to the plant for disturbing public order. After expansion plans were temporarily put on hold due to the protests in 2011, two additional coal-fired units were finally completed in 2013, bringing the power station's capacity up to a total of 4,144 MW
Start Date: 20/12/2011
Companies: China Huaneng Group

Hydraulic fracking in the Karoo, South Africa 
Resistance: Local farmers and diverse South African citizens are concerned about the impacts of fracking on their lands and the climate, and have organisd street demonstrations. This is is part of a large and ongoing public debate about fracking.
Start Date: 12/2010
EJO's: Derek Light (attorney based in Graaff-Reinet, representing over 300 landowners and communities), TKAG (Treasure the Karoo Action Group; Jonathan Deal), Fractual (Ian Perrin), Earthlife Africa (Muna Lakhani), WWF (Saliem Fakir), WESSA (Wildlife and Environment Society of SA), CJN!SA network, Centre for Environmental Rights, Western Cape Wildlife and Environment Society, Southern Cape Land Committee, Agri-SA (commercial farmers lobby)
Companies: Royal Dutch Shell, Falcon Oil and Gas, Bundu Gas and Oil, Anglo American, Statoil, Chesapeake Energy, Sasol

Coal power plant in Saline Joniche, Italy 
Resistance: Collaborate resistance and mobilisation between Italy and Switzerland against project to build coal-fire power plant. Activists want “a future without coal”!
Start Date: 2007
EJO's: From Italy: Coordinamento delle Associazioni dell'Area Grecanica (, Greenpeace Italia (; Legambiente (; WWF Calabria (; LIPU (‎). From Switzerland: Zukunft statt Kohle ( WWF Graubünden (
Companies: SEI S.p.A, Repower Group, Hera group , Foster Wheeler Italiana S.r.l , Apri Sviluppo S.p.A

Achuar y Shuar en contra de exploración petrolera de lote 64, Perú 
Resistance: Las comunidades Achar y Shuar piden nulidad de los Lotes petroleros Nº 64, 166 y 196 que, en conjunto, se superponen al 100% de su territorio, y de todos los actos realizados por el Estado o terceros que establecen lotes petroleros, pues no fueron consultados, no cuentan con el consentimiento previo, libre e informado y van en contra de su Plan de Vida.
Start Date: 2011
EJO's: Organización Shuar del Morona (OSHDEM), Federación Shapra del Morona (FESHAM), Asociación Indígena del Morona (AIM), Achuarti Iruntramu (ATI), Organización Achuar Chayat (ORACH), Coordinadora Regional de Pueblos Indígenas (CORPI), Federación Achuar del Morona (FASAM), Federación de Nacionalidades Achuar del Perú (FENAP).
Companies: Talisman Energy, Petroperu, Geo-park

Kwale-Okpai CDM Project, Nigeria 
Resistance: Preventing gas flaring has been supported as a "Clean Development Mechanism", causing those locally and internationally to protest as this does not go far enough in stopping the local and global devastation caused by oil drilling in the Niger delta, and does not meet demands of Climate Justice.
Start Date: 2005
EJO's: Environmental Rights Action, Friends of the Earth, Social Action, Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND)
Companies: Royal Dutch Shell, Nigeria Agip Oil Company, Phillip Oil, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

Limits to lignite mining, Horní Jiřetín, Czech Republic 
Resistance: The town of Horní Jiřetín became a stronghold of the resistance to the plans of extension of the Czechoslovak Army mine. Together with villagers from several places, civil society groups organized referenda and a broad coalition called Limity jsme my - We are the limits. The movement networked with international climate justice movement. In June 2017 it organized the first Czech international climate camp in Horní Jiřetín. During the climate camp participants entered the coal mine Bílina and thus blocked the operations for a day.
EJO's: Limity jsme my - Greenpeace - Kořeny -
Companies: Severní energetická, Severočeské doly

Lignite mining and the Ende Gelände movement, Germany 
Resistance: Several years in a row activists as many as up to 6000 have organised themselves in the massive direct action against lignite mining in Germany, entering and blockading several coal mines. People coming together from all over the world for the Ende Gelände movement, demanding that we “Break Free from Fossil Fuels”.
Start Date: 2015
EJO's: Ende Gelände. “Break Free from Fossil Fuels”. Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung.
Companies: NUON, RWE , EPH

Hambach forest occupation against brown coal mining, Germany 
Resistance: For five years, activists have fought for climate justice by occupying and building tree houses in the Hambach forest, which the energy company, RWE wants to tear down so that the brown opencast coal mine can be expanded.
Start Date: 15/10/1978
EJO's: Aktionsgemeinschaft der Bürgerinitiativen gegen die Verlegung der A 4; Hambacher forst occupation movement; BUND (friend of the earth Germany); Greenpeace
Companies: RWE power, Kötter Security

OCP-Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline, Ecuador 
Resistance: In spite of the locals' strong opposition and a global campaigning that links local problems with climate change, the OCP is operating since 2003, causing numerous oil spills along its way
Start Date: 10/2010
EJO's: Accion Ecolgica - Ecuador, CONAIE - Ecuador, Greenpeace, Accion por la Vida - Ecuador, Sindicato Petroecuador de Ingenieros y Profesionales - Ecuador, Community of Lago Agrio - Ecuador, Community of Esmeraldas - Ecuador, Communities of Guarumos, Puerto Quito, San Miguel de Los Bancos, Nono, Gonzal Pizarro - Ecuador, The Least Impact Route Committee - Ecuador, National Network of those Affected by the OCP Construction - Ecuador, Farmers Association of the Communities of Pichincha, Napo ed Esmeraldas - Ecuador, A Sud - Italy, Friends of Earth - USA, Amazon Watch - USA, Rete Lilliput, Ya Basta - Italy, Terra Nuova - Italy, Il Manifesto - Italy, Carta - Italy, Green Party - Italy, Oilwatch - Nigeria
Companies: Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi, OCP Ecuador Ldt., Alberta Energy, Techint - Saneamiento y Urbanización S.A., Agip Group, Perez Companc, William Corporation, Occidental Petroleum, Kerr-McGee Corp. , FLOPEC, Repsol YPF, Pecom Energia, EnCana Corp

Oil and gas exploration at Woodburn Forest, Ireland 
Resistance: “Stop the Drill” - Campaigners set up a permanent protest site at Woodburn Forest to stop the company InfraStrata from starting to drill for oil and gas. Now the exploratory drilling has stopped.
Start Date: 04/02/2016
EJO's: Stop the Drill campaign Facebook: Don't Drill Antrim Water. Friends of the Earth NI
Companies: Northern Ireland Water, Infrastrata

Oil drilling in the National Park of Calilegua, Argentina 
Resistance: Moblisation of various different social actors to stop the oil drilling activities in the Calilegua National Park. In spite of their opposition and against the envrionmental laws in force, the oil drilling license has been extended.
EJO's: Greenpeace Argentina, Asociacion Trabajadores del Estado, Central de trabajadores Argentinos, Comisión Episcopal de Pastoral Aborigen
Companies: Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales , Petro AP Company Limited, Jujuy Energía y Minería Sociedad del Estado Company

Paramo El Almorzadero, Colombia 
Resistance: Comunidades rechazamos las concesiones para exploración y explotación minera de carbón antracita en el Páramo el Almorzadero, exigen el respeto por la lucha y resistencia que han librado durante años. Insisten en la conservación y preservación del páramo y en que los mantos de carbón antracita queden en reserva vital para la sustentabilidad de la vida de la Madre Tierra.
Start Date: 1989
EJO's: CENSAT AGUA VIVA, Asociacion AGROVIDA, ASOJUNTAS, ANUC (Asociacion Nacional de Usuarios Campesinos), ADIMAGAR, Cabildo Verde de Cerrito, COANDIS, Juntas de Accion Comunal de Siberia y La Paja (Cerrito), Universidad Industrial de Santander, Comision de Vigilancia y Seguimiento para la Proteccion del Paramo El Almorzadero, Asociacion para el manejo sostenible del medio ambiente-AMASOMA
Companies: Carboriente, MINALMO, Continental de Carbones

Anti-fracking movement and Petrobras Shale Gas Exploration Field AC-T-8 – Vale do Juruá, Brazil 
Resistance: The Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC), CIMI (Indigenous Missionary Council) and anti-fracking movements such as COESUS (No-Fracking in Brazil Coalition) are among those agents that started the mobilization against the exploration in the region.Thanks to the outcries of organized society, the suspension of shale gas exploration by use of fracking at the Vale do Juruá region still holds today. The possible application of hydraulic fracking caused even more concern due to the uncertainties and great environmental risks involved in the activity.
Start Date: 2013
EJO's: COESUS- Coalizão Não Fracking Brasil; Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC), CIMI (Indigenous Missionary Council); international campaign Brazil; Fundação Cooperlivre Arayara;
Companies: Petróleo Brasileiro S.A

Pichanaki and Pluspetrol, Peru 
Resistance: Gas exploration by Pluspetrol led to complaints by local people and to police repression with several deaths in February 2015. Project stopped for the time being.
Start Date: 09/02/2015
EJO's: Frente de Defensa Ambiental de Pichanaki
Companies: Pluspetrol

Oil exploration in Pilón Lajas, Bolivia 
Resistance: En 2016 se iniciarán tareas de exploración en varios parques protegidos de Bolivia, entre ellos Pilón Lajas, sin embargo, la Confederación de Pueblos Indígenas de Bolivia (Cidob) ha anunciado su rechazo a estas actividades de exploración y ha advertido de que los habitantes de estas áreas protegidas opondrán resistencia.
Start Date: 01/01/2001
EJO's: Consejo Regional Tsimane Moseten (CRTM) FOBOMADE Confederación de Pueblos Indígenas de Bolivia
Companies: Petrobras Bolivia , Total Exploration Production Bolivia , Petróleo Brasileiro S.A, Repsol, Petroandina SAM

Prirazlomnoye oil field, Russia 
Resistance: Greenpeace activists managed to interrupt a major Arctic oil operation by climbing onto the Prirazlomnaya oil platform and by doing so, bringing their message across to the whole world to #SavetheArctic.
Start Date: 01/01/2004
EJO's: Greenpeace Russia, Russian Bird Conservation Union, WWF Russia, Bellona Russia, Socio-Ecological Union
Companies: Rosshelf, Rosneft, Gazprom Neft Shelf, Wintershall

Phulbari coal mine project, Bangladesh 
Resistance: A long-drawn struggle, which initially was about land aquisition and tribal rights, has now turned into a fight for climate justice.
Start Date: 2005
EJO's: Phulbari Solidarity Group: International Accountability Project: Bangladesh National Indigenous Union (Jatiya Advasi Parishad - JAP)
Companies: BHP Minerals, GCM Resources, Asia Energy Corporation Pty Ltd

Protests and legal action against Fracking, Coahuila, Mexico 
Resistance: No to fracking, not here, not anywhere, not now, not ever! Even the local concerns are focused on water and environmental impacts the actions of the Alianza Mexicana contra el Fracking are connecting the impacts of francking with the concerns of climate warming due to the leaks of methane produced during its extraction. These emissions can reach 8% of the total production of shale gas. Methane is a greenhouse gas with a potential warming of 86 times higher than CO2 in the short term.
Start Date: 2013
EJO's: Coalición de Organizaciones Mexicanas por el Derecho al Agua; Fundar; Greenpeace; Asosciación de Usuarios del Agua PRD political party has made anti-fracking statements
Companies: PEMEX, Lewis Energy Group

Quezon coal fired power plant in Atimonan, Philippines 
Resistance: Interesting

Start Date: 06/2015
EJO's: Catholic Church Greenpeace Philippine Movement for Climate Justice Reclaim the Power
Companies: Meralco PowerGen

Rampal Thermal Power Plant at Sundarbans, Bangladesh 
Resistance: Construction of 1320 MW proposed coal fired power plant by the Bangladesh India Friendship Power Company, a joint venture between Bangladesh and India, merely 14 km away from the ecologically sensitive Sundarbans forests has not only locals, but conservationaists and anti-coal activists all over the world united against it. There have been multiple mobilizations and protests across the world to prevent the construction of this plant.
Start Date: 2010
EJO's: National Committee on Protection of Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports, Bangladesh
Companies: Bangladesh-India Friendship Power Company, North-West Power Generation Co. Ltd , National Thermal Power Corporation , Power Development Board, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd

Resistance against Rotterdam and Amsterdam fossil fuel ports, the Netherlands 
Resistance: In 2017, a new and broad coalition of climate activists called 'Code Rood' (Code Red) called for mass civil disobedience against the fossil fuel industry in the port of Amsterdam. A a climate camp was organised from 22 to 26 June and a mass civil disobedience action took place on June 24th. Some 300 people from the Netherlands, supported by groups coming from Belgium, Britain, Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden occupied Europe's second largest coal port, shutting down all operations for one day, making it the largest civil disobedience action in Dutch history.
EJO's: Code Rood Amsterdam Fossielvrij Wij Stoppen Steenkool Climate Games Climate Justice Amsterdam Rotterdams Klimaat Initiatief
Companies: NUON, Vitol, OBA bulk terminal, Rietlanden Terminals , Port of Amsterdam, Engie, Uniper, EMO bv, Port of Rotterdam

Resistance to Chevron-YPF Fracking, Argentina 
Resistance: Resistencia del Pueblo Mapuche contra el fraking “Se viene la destrucción para todos, pero nosotros vamos a defender el Wallmapu [territorio ancestral] por miles de años”. Con esta determinación, Elías Maripán, lonko -”autoridad”- de la Confederación Mapuche del Neuquén expresa la postura de un pueblo demasiado acostumbrado a resistir.
Start Date: 15/05/2013
EJO's: Obervatorio Petrolero Sur (OPSur); OilWatch; Neuquén Platform Against Fracking; Mapuche Confederation unions;
Companies: Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales, Dow Chemical Company, Chevron Corporation

Greenpeace's resistance to deepwater drilling in Shetland Islands, United Kingdom  
Resistance: Greenpeace activists in the act of civil disobedience and direct action stops Chevron’s massive oil drilling ship by climbing onto it and swimming in front of it for several days, demanding that Chevron 'Go Beyond Oil'.
Start Date: 2010
EJO's: Greenpeace international
Companies: Chevron Corporation, Faroe Petroleum

Resistance to fracking projects, Algeria 
Resistance: "Don't Frack with Our Water!" Tens of thousands of Algerians took part in protests across the country, calling for national dialogue and a halt to all shale gas operations.
Start Date: 01/01/2011
EJO's: Friends of the Earth Europe, Algeria Solidarity Campaign, Platform London, UK, Algeria Solidarity Campaign, Algerian Culture Collective, Frack Off, Parti de Gauche, Ribble Estuary Against Fracking, Comité Nationale de Defense les Droits de Chomeurs (CNDDC), Algeria, L’Observatoire Algérien des Droits de l’Homme (OADH), Algeria Anti-Shale Gas Euro-Maghreban Collective (CEMAGAS), Algeria Agir pour le changement et la démocratie en Algérie, Collectif National Pour Les Libertes Citoyennes (CNLC)
Companies: Sonatrach, Eni group, Total SA, ExxonMobil Corporation, Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi, Talisman Energy, Algerian Association of the Gas Industry

Sarayaku - Oil extraction in Block 23, Ecuador 
Resistance: In 2012, after the Kichwa peoples petition, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights prevented oil exploitation to happen in Block 23. “Queremos que el mundo asuma que la selva está viva y que por tanto debe estar libre de explotación petrolera, maderera, minera y de cualquier otra empresa que pueda atentar contra la integridad de la jungla y de sus habitantes”, Félix Santi, presidente de Sarayaku
Start Date: 1996
EJO's: Consejo del gobierno de Sarayacu, Accion Ecolgica, CONAIE, OPIP, Sarayaku Residents Association, Centro de Derechos Económicos y Sociales (CDES), Amnesty International, Oilwatch - Nigeria, Centro por la Justicia y el Derecho Internacional (CEJIL) - USA
Companies: Petroecuador, Walsh Ecuador, DAYMI Services, General Company of Combustibles , Petroamazonas Ecuador SA

PPT case: Shell oil exploration and extraction, Nigeria 
Resistance: At the very roots of Blockadia, The Ogoni people vs. Shell is one of first cases of mass mobilisation to "keep the oil in the soil". Human rights violations and environmetal destruction caused mass mobilisation and international outcry. Decades later, justice has still not been served.
Start Date: 01/01/1937
EJO's: Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth Nigeria (Nigeria), Friends of the Earth Netherlands (Milieu Defensie), Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power, Permanent Peoples Tribunal
Companies: Royal Dutch Shell, Royal Dutch Shell

Shell's drilling for oil in the Arctic, Alaska, USA 
Resistance: "You Shell Not Pass"! "Kayaktivists" formed a floating blockade to block Shell's drilling vessels, and environmental activists climbed aboard an oil rig to protest Shell's drilling in the Arctic. Street protests also brought together environmental and Indigenous activists in Washington State, in solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of Arctic Alaska.
Start Date: 05/05/2009
EJO's: Greenpeace. Inuit Circumpolar Council.
Companies: Shell Oil Company

Sindh Engro Coal Mining and Power Plant Project, Thar Desert, Pakistan 
Resistance: Pakistan is on its way to increase lignite mining, with 5 new power plants scheduled to start producing electricity by 2018, and many more in the pipeline. The Sindh Engro coal mining and power plant project in the Thar desert region of the country is a part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The CPEC is a bilateral deal between the two countries under which the Chinese government and banks will financially support Chinese companies to build USD 45.6 billion worth of energy and infrastructure projects in Pakistan over the next six years. This deal is being criticized by climate justice activists for the impact it will have on global carbon dioxide emissions. Chinese companies and their partners are expected to spend around $15 billion over the next 15 years to build close to a dozen coal power plants of varying sizes around the country.
Start Date: 2015
EJO's: Islamabad Sustainable Development Policy Institute. Sindh National Front. Thar Sujag Saath, Thar Voice Forum. Villagers from affected villages.
Companies: Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company, China Machinery Engineering Corporation , Engro Powergen Thar Limited

Spektra Energy's Fracked Gas “Bridge to Nowhere”, USA 
Resistance: Local activists occupied a senator's office to protest a pipeline for fracked gas and instead demanding a "fossil free" future.
Start Date: 01/01/2014
EJO's: FANG (Fighting Against Natural Gas) 350 Conneticut Fossil Free Rhode Island Burrillville Against Spectra Expansion
Companies: Spectra Energy Corp

Statoil Deep Sea Oil Drilling, Aotearoa/New Zealand 
Resistance: After massive opposition from all over New Zealand, the Norwegian oil giant Statoil pulls its operations out of Northland. Local people and communities as well as indigenous Māori (NZ)- and indigenous Sami people from Norway came together to show the need to leave oil under the soil (and sea) to prevent global warming.
EJO's: Ahipara Komiti Takutaimoana Greenpeace NZ Te Rarawa Iwi and Hapu Other Muriwhenua Iwi (Ngati Kuri, Te Aupouri, Ngai Takoto, Ngati Kahu)

Takovo Mora , Santa Cruz, Bolivia 
Resistance: Oil exploration in Guarani indigenous territory without their consent, leading to a blockade of the road Santa Cruz - Camiri.
Start Date: 01/07/2012
EJO's: Derechos Humanos de Bolivia (APDHB) Asamblea del Pueblo Guaraní, (APG) Centro de Investigación e Información Bolivia (CEDIB) Confederación de Pueblos Indígenas de Bolivia (CIDOB)
Companies: YPFB Chaco S.A , Petroandina SAM

The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project in British Columbia, Canada 
Resistance: With weeks of protest, large street demonstrations, blockades and an occupation camp, environmental groups and Indigenous peoples have come together to "Keep It In The ground", saying "We fight back! Protect climate, water, health: Stop Kinder Morgan".
Start Date: 03/01/2012
EJO's: Burnaby Pipeline Watch Burnaby Residents Opposed to Kinder Morgan Expansion (BROKE) Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Defend Our Coast Dogwood Initiative ForestEthics Advocacy Georgia Strait Alliance Let BC Decide MacDonald-Laurier Institute NS Nope Pipe Up Network Save the Salish Sea Squamish Nation Swinomish Indian Tribal Community Tar Sands SOS: Save Our Shore Tulatip Tribes UBC University Neighbourhood Assoc. Westcoast Environmental Law YinkaDene Alliance's Save the Fraser Coastal First Nations Living Ocean Society Lummi Nation Pacheedaht First Nation Sacred Trust Intiative Sierra Club BC Tanker Free BC Tsleil-Waututh First Nations Wilderness Committee Lower Mainland Government Association Union of B.C. Municipalities Conversations for Responsible Economic Development (CRED): Wilderness Committee: Council of Canadians: Tanker Free BC: Living Oceans Society: Georgia Straight Alliance: West Coast Environmental Law and Forest Ethics Advocacy
Companies: Kinder Morgan

Thermoelectric Complex Parnaíba, Maranhao, Brazil 
Resistance: ENEVA operates one of the largest natural gas-fuelled thermoelectric power generation complexes in Brazil. Local communities (such as "quebradeiras de coco") complain about pollution, health and environmental damage.
Start Date: 05/2011
EJO's: Human Rights Society of Maranhao (SMDH), Pastoral Comission of Earth, Comisao Pastoral da Terra (CPT-MA), Cáritas, Landless Workers' Movement (MST), Quilombola Movement (MOQUIBOM), Human Rights Society of Maranhao (SMDH), Asociaçao de Mulheres Quebradeiras de Coco (AMUQUEC)
Companies: MPX Energia S.A (renamed ENEVA), Duro Felguera, ENEVA

Unistoten Camp, BC, Canada 
Resistance: The Unistoten clan, alongside the Indigenous and environmental groups in solidarity, used direct action to mobilise against pipeline activity on ancestral lands. This included a road block and a blockade of their territory, and a camp.
Start Date: 2012
EJO's: Algonquins of Barriere Lake, Anishinabek Oshkimaadiziig Unity Camp, Anti-Colonial Solidarity Collective-Montreal, Asubpeeschoseewagong (Grassy Narrows) Land Defenders, Boreal Forest Network, Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3903 First Nations Solidarity Working Group, Climate Justice Research/Action (Science for Peace), Council of Canadians, Deep Green Resistance, Independent Jewish Voices-Toronto, Indigenous Action Movement, Indigenous Defenders of the Land Network, Indigenous Environmental Network, Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade, Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement-Ottawa, Indigenous People’s Solidarity Movement-Winnipeg, Indigenous Reoccupation of Ancestral Lands- Ancestral Pride Ahousaht Sovereign Territory, Indigenous Sovereignty and Solidarity Network-Toronto, International League of People’s Struggles-Canada, Leadnow, Média Recherche Action, Mining Justice Alliance, Mother Earth Justice Advocates, Native Youth Movement, No One Is Illegal-Toronto, No One Is Illegal-Vancouver Coast Salish Territories, Rising Tide-Vancouver Coast Salish Territories, Rising Tide-Toronto, ShitHarperDid, Sierra Club-Prairie Chapter, Stop the Pave, Streams of Justice,, Tadamon, Toronto Bolivia Solidarity, Truth Fool, Turning the Tide Bookstore, Vancouver Island Community Forest Action Network.
Companies: Apache Corp., EnCana Corp, EOG Resources, Chevron Corporation, Royal Dutch Shell, Shell Canada Limited, Mitsubishi Corp., Korean Gas Corporation, LNG Canada consortium

US Capital Energy drilling in Sarstoon-Temash National Park, Belize 
Resistance: Mayan and Garifuna communities opposing oil exploration; despite a Supreme Court decision, the company seems to have started operations
Start Date: 01/01/1994
EJO's: Sarstoon-Temash Institute for Indigenous Management (SATIIM): Cultural Survival: Maya Leaders Alliance
Companies: US Capital Energy, Inc.

Uwa, exploración petrolera en su territorio, Colombia 
Resistance: Desde 1995, los U'wa, un pueblo indígena del oriente de Colombia, se ha opuesto sistemáticamente a las explotaciones petroleras en su territorio.
Start Date: 1992
EJO's: Organización Nacional Indígena de Colombia (ONIC), Asociación de Autoridades Tradicionales Uwa (Asouwa), Fundación Hemera, Censat Agua Viva, Amigos de la Tierra Colombia, Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos, Oilwatch, World Rainforest Movement, COICA, Ríos Vivos
Companies: Ecopetrol Corporate Group, Repsol, Occidental Petroleum, Transoriente S.A., Gas Natural Fenosa

Yasuni National Park - ITT oil extraction, Ecuador 
Resistance: Cancelled by the Correa government in 2013, the Yasuni initiative is still one of the most inspiring social proposal to step out from extractivism and a call for the whole world to "yasunize" our territories.
Start Date: 1992
EJO's: Accion Ecologica, Amazonia por la Vida, Oilwatch, ONHAE, Huaorani people, Shuar, Quechua, A Sud and CDCA from Italy
Companies: Perez Companc, Petroecuador, Petróleo Brasileiro S.A, Royal Dutch Shell

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